Klingon Sarcophagus Ship

Star Trek: Attack Wing – Homebrew (Discovery Part 2)

This time it’s a couple of the most notable Klingon ships from the Battle of the Binary Stars, specifically the Sarcophagus and Cleave ships.

The normal line ships I’ll get to later…

First up the Sarcophagus.


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I’ve given this one a bit more punch than other Klingon ships of it’s era (notably the 3 dice D7 class) to represent this ships size and status. It’s supposed to be an older ship, but given what it took to bring it down I’m assuming its pretty heavily upgraded.

Its ability text is intended to represent its many tractor beams. T’Kuvma is represented as an Admiral, and I think a reasonably good one (they did win the battle after all). Voq I think is reasonably narratively accurate given what actually happened in the story.

Then onto the cleave ship. The cleave ship is ridiculous. It’s the stupidest design. I love the cleave ship. The cleave ship is the most Klingon thing ever. I see no contradiction in these statements. Seriously, I don’t like a lot of the season 1 Klingon ship designs but I love the concept of the cleave ship.

“We’ve got this massive old freighter, its built like a ruddy tank but its a hundred years out of date, takes a fortnight to turn around and it can barely do warp 4…shall we scrap it?…Sir…what do you mean melee ship”.


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Given its apparent size I genuinely think the thing that makes most sense for the cleave is a repurposed freighter, and that in mind I’ve given it a crappy move dial, and no agility. However the named and generic both get to attack on collision. I’ve also given it a decent attack value because whose going to tell the guy with the kilometer long space knife “no you cant have all my surplus disruptor turrets”.

As for the invisibility field, I’ve basically made it a way to delay your deployment and almost guarantee a collision…The cloak and echo options are basically supplementary and irrelevant on anything more advanced that the D7.