Star Trek: Attack Wing – Homebrew (Discovery Part 2)

This time it’s a couple of the most notable Klingon ships from the Battle of the Binary Stars, specifically the Sarcophagus and Cleave ships.

The normal line ships I’ll get to later…

First up the Sarcophagus.


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I’ve given this one a bit more punch than other Klingon ships of it’s era (notably the 3 dice D7 class) to represent this ships size and status. It’s supposed to be an older ship, but given what it took to bring it down I’m assuming its pretty heavily upgraded.

Its ability text is intended to represent its many tractor beams. T’Kuvma is represented as an Admiral, and I think a reasonably good one (they did win the battle after all). Voq I think is reasonably narratively accurate given what actually happened in the story.

Then onto the cleave ship. The cleave ship is ridiculous. It’s the stupidest design. I love the cleave ship. The cleave ship is the most Klingon thing ever. I see no contradiction in these statements. Seriously, I don’t like a lot of the season 1 Klingon ship designs but I love the concept of the cleave ship.

“We’ve got this massive old freighter, its built like a ruddy tank but its a hundred years out of date, takes a fortnight to turn around and it can barely do warp 4…shall we scrap it?…Sir…what do you mean melee ship”.


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Given its apparent size I genuinely think the thing that makes most sense for the cleave is a repurposed freighter, and that in mind I’ve given it a crappy move dial, and no agility. However the named and generic both get to attack on collision. I’ve also given it a decent attack value because whose going to tell the guy with the kilometer long space knife “no you cant have all my surplus disruptor turrets”.

As for the invisibility field, I’ve basically made it a way to delay your deployment and almost guarantee a collision…The cloak and echo options are basically supplementary and irrelevant on anything more advanced that the D7.

Star Trek: Attack Wing – Homebrew (Discovery Part 1)

So…yeah. It’s been a while. I kind of forgot about Attack Wing for a while, my local scene was petering out, releases were tailing off and the pseudo second edition stuff had yet to hit.

Then I had some other projects I was working on, which I’ll probably put on here at some point. Then before I knew it it was the other day and I ran into one of the faction packs in a shop and it set me off on a spending spree buying some of the…I’m gonna call it second edition for clarity purposes.

Of course it wouldnt be Attack Wing if you could buy it easily if you missed it on day one so I didnt manage to get my hands on the Romulan Faction pack or the new starter, but I did manage to get the Borg, Dominion, Ferengi, Independant, Kelvin and Animated ones, plus the fighter squad card pack (well dang, I can actually run all my old resouce fighters as named ships now)…the other card packs didnt interest me that much.

It being me though it’s got me thinking of homebrew again and where better to start than Discovery…

Today the list starts up again with the battle of the binary stars, specifically the Federation half.


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The Shenzhou is a pretty ship but it doesn’t seem to pack much punch and was, if memory serves, presented as quite an old and not particularly powerful ship so I’ve gone for a low stat-line, and a move set on the crappier end of the scale. The ability is quite a nice one for a small cheap ship…protects your more valuable ships one way or another, either with freebie evades or by drawing fire and getting itself blown up. Captain Georgiou replicates the raid on the sarcophagus, Detmer helps keep the Shenzhou alive while it protects its allies and Gant is intended to lend a little extra kick to ships with low attack values.

Then we have the rest of the fleet…I’ve opted for a mix of the designs I like and just the ones there are a decent image of from the show.


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I’ve picked the fleet flagship, the Europa, with a command skill boosting ability. The T’Plana-Hath, mostly on grounds theres a decent image of it, this one another support ship, removing time tokens from friendly ships. Lastly theres the Yeager (STOP NAMING SHIPS YEAGER, WE HAVE ENOUGH) of the Cardenas class which I just like the design of…this one gets a bit of extra punch in close quarters with friendly ships.

Last up is Admiral Anderson, his ability letting a ship take a few parting shots back at its attackers (or simply diverting fire away onto another ship to avoid the damage).

Next time…probably the Klingon side of the binaries, so that would be the Sarcophagus, the cleave ship…the “D7” and “birds of prey” (and heres where I start to get opinionated on Discovery…good thing weve moved on and theyve made some improvements).

As for the Discovery itself, Burnham, Saru etc…later.

Now for some other notes. Firstly you may notice I’ve kept the old points formula…basically given I have the luxury of none of my stuff ever having to be tournament balanced I can keep things easy. I am however adopting a few bits of the new card formats like the firing arc symbols and the divider line in some cases.

I very much wish theyd come up with the whole “main and sub factions” thing from the beginning so we could have had the cardassians, breen, andorians etc all be their own factions and still play happily together.

I’m also planning doing some new general upgrade cards for each faction including some cheap standardised versions of the most common weapons (with both disable and time token versions) and some tech upgrades to give some factions some more feel.