Star Trek: Attack Wing – Homebrew (Yet More Alternate Timeline)

And the last in this batch of Beyond themed updates.

Kralls swarm fighters. The gimmick here is it allows you to run an entirely fighter based fleet. Yes, I realise that would be a living nightmare if they introduced it to the real game, but that’s the fun part of homebrew…it doesn’t all have to be printable.

Swarm Prime:


Swarm Second:


Swarm Command Squadron:


Swarm Squadron:


Krall and co take the form of squadron upgrades rather than regular captains and crew, although Krall and Manas still boost a squadrons captain skill and can be targeted as captains (for effects that disable captains etc).

Krall and Manas both give out free fleet actions (representing controlling advanced functions of the swarm) and the Tear Apart upgrade lets you trade squadron tokens for negative effects on the opponents ship.

Lastly Kalara screws with your opponents deployment. The text box gives limited space but if I was FAQing this for an OP I would say that it DOES allow the enemy ship to deploy outside the deployment area if it has to in order to stay in the required range.




Star Trek: Attack Wing – Homebrew (More Alternate Timeline)

Well…2016 happened…Anyway:

Here’s a few new toys from the most recent movie. The unnamed constitution parts are from our last visit to the alternate universe. Having seen very little of the new Enterprise-A I’ve gone for a pretty basic ability that represents the ship’s bleeding edge technology (basically the one I gave to lucky-Kirk in the previous JJVerse post).

No ship would be complete without it’s captain and crew and while most of our previous crew still work fine there are a couple of notable abscences.

Firstly an actual captain card for Kirk (the last one was a crew upgrade which could take over if you lost your captain) and secondly a crew card for Jaylah. Last for today a couple of talents for notable moments from the movie.

You may say “but those go with the Franklin” and you would be right. And I did start on the Franklin and the swarm ships but DAMN is there a shortage of decent looking pictures of those. So next time…along with the Kelvin and George Kirk which I missed last time.


Other possible things in progress:

  • Rules for large fleet battles.
  • Scenarios for the above.
  • The USS Typhon.
  • Possibly an experiment in scenario generation.


Star Trek: Attack Wing – Homebrew (A Teaser)

Hello there all you people!

With the Dominion War stuff pretty much done (barring any extras appearing in my head) I wanted to do something a bit different before getting into some more themed expansions (I’ve got some more ideas on this front).

It’ll take quite a bit more work to get the whole thing ready to publish BUT here are a couple of little teasers:

The “Civilian Freighter” class has 2 attack dice and a 360 firing arc (limiting it to range 2 like the Borg). The logic here being that the freighters weapon systems would be fit for little more than taking pot shots at light ships like Maquis raiders and Orion pirates. The Reverse is more to get it (slowly) out of any horrendous manoeuvring errors you may make).

Now, who in their right mind would possibly want to run an ability-less ship with terrible stats and a top speed of 2? Well who says you’re going to get a choice…

OK, it’s blatantly obvious this is for SOME form of scenario play…but I have something special in mind, so play along will you.

STATION - Earth Spacedock v2

Now that’s far more like it. This will obviously require some sort of token along the lines of the OP DS9 token, but I’ve yet to make that up…got to brush up some skills I don’t in fact possess for that one.

“Earth Spacedock” is awfully specific isn’t it. Why yes it is…yes it is…

Until next time…When I might explain what the hell I’m getting at…or might just post more fun things.


Star Trek: Attack Wing – Homebrew (The Dominion War – Part 8)

With a lot of the major faction stuff done I wanted to go off a slightly different way, so this post is a kind of “Rogue’s Gallery of the Dominion War” kind of thing.

A ship I expect to see at some point in official form is Gul Dukat’s stolen Klingon bird of prey. The ship name is from the card game (ahh memory alpha/beta you’re so helpful) and the ability is intended to represent Gul Dukat raiding convoys and generally preying on weaker ships.

Gul Dukat is intended to be a very directly good captain without being a simple free action. In a faction pure environment (how I tend to play most often) he would be pretty limited in which ships he would be useful on.

Kira is intended to turn whichever ship she’s on into a guerrilla raider style ship. While she only gives you a certain amount of bonus with a skill 8 captain she could conceivably be useful with some of the independant factions lower skill captains with interesting abilities.  Damar and Ziyal are both designed to keep the relatively squishy B’Rel alive in a prolonged fight (two attack dice less vs a cloaked target may very well prevent all damage and repairing a shield could restore your ability to cloak in a pinch).

The whole thing is designed to be run as a single ship with all the crew cards in a casual/scenario game. NOTE: I was a little unsure what sort of ability to give Ziyal, I settled on an engineering style ability given she spent time as a miner.

Second we have another independant ship, the USS Defiant as stolen by Thomas Riker. This Defiants ability encourages you to throw it into the middle of an enemy fleet. Captain Riker supports the same idea but fits nicely on pretty much any ship, and stays useful as long as you are up close and personal with some enemies. I’ve given up and made the old Pulse Phaser Cannons factionless as the template (for good reason) doesn’t have a space for a third faction (federation, mirror, indy) and I wanted to keep this on a single card for all Defiants so when I eventually print these I can just have a few copies of that one.

Kira from the Naprem also fits this ship both from a story perspective and works better with rikers lower captain skill.

Third is a Beta canon ship, namely the Sovereign class USS Sentinel. The Sentinel was destroyed the year Voyager returned during the Hurq invasion (see Star Trek: Invasion on the PS1…the Typhon will be coming back soon too), this version is meant to be prior to that. While the Enterprise-E seemed to be occupied primarily with diplomacy my headcanon version of the Sentinel spent the latter parts of the war engaged in solo strike missions against the Dominion, hence this ones lone wolf style captain and heavy hitting ship ability.

NOTE: I THINK Captain Brennan appeared only in audio in the game so I’ve opted to represent any future imageless characters with faction logo’s unless something appropriate comes to life.

Last up is something that was brought to mind at the last OP I was at discussing all Ferengi fleets with the local Ferengi fanatic (seriously, I doubt anyone on earth has more attack wing D’Koras). I’ve gone for recreating some of the episode “The Magnificent Ferengi”. I’ve omitted Rom and Nog as the versions of them that came with Quark’s Treasure work perfectly well here.

The shuttles name is another card game concept. The ships ability is intended to make it slightly useful in a real game, where it shoots around making a nuisance of itself putting aux tokens on other ships. Quark and the assorted Ferengi crew are just a mix of utility crew and can all be run on the spoils along with Rom and Nog.

Finally as a little silly bonus heres one more Ferengi ship. While this could have been called “Quark’s Marauder” in the fashion of some of the other D’Koras I’ve gone for a sillier name which sprung to mind given these are also often called Marauders.

The ability is a little too text heavy for my liking but I couldn’t think how to shorten it but it’s quite Quark.

Star Trek: Attack Wing – Homebrew (The Dominion War – Part 7)

Although they never featured prominently in Deep Space 9 the Son’a from Insurrection were heavily implied to be associated with the Dominion.

I’ve set them up as fast ships with movement based abilities (in the movie they outran the Enterprise).


For captains we have the obvious Ru’afo and one of the minor characters (the name comes from one of the star trek card games). There’s also a crew upgrade to screw with enemy captains and crew. The star I think though is the subspace weapon which piles aux tokens on every ship within range 3 of the target.

Running out of Dominion War stuff now but there’s still a few little gems left. Gul Dukat’s independant faction B’Rel springs to mind…perhaps some more stations for scenario games and things like that.

Star Trek: Attack Wing – Homebrew (The Dominion War – Part 5)

The last post was all new toys for the Cardassians. This time It’s the founders themselves.

This is a fairly small assortment but I think in terms of ships the Jem’Hadar are pretty well represented (and it’s almost flavourful to run a lot of generic unnamed ships here anyway) and the Vorta have at least an assortment of cards.

The Founders themselves are almost completely unrepresented in the game (except for the Odo cards). So here are some options for them, including some more variants on my spy card concept.

That doesn’t strike me as enough to justify a whole post though and I came up with another idea for a type of upgrade: Battle Formations. These are a selection of unique upgrades that go into any slot and provide a powerful fleet wide buff….but can only be purchased for a fleet which meets a minimum level of fluff. They all share a name to cut down on using up unique name space and because you should never have more than one.

The inaugural selection consists of an all bugship Jem’Hadar fleet, a triple-Galor patrol group and a Breen energy dampener fleet.

I plan to make some more of these for other factions in future posts. In my head I like the idea of these making some fluffy but otherwise impractical fleets playable.

Other ideas within the Dominion War theme include groups such as:

  • The Defiant and Rotarran.
  • The Defiant, Majestic and Sitak.
  • A trio of D’Deridex warbirds.
  • An all B’rel class Klingon fleet (not that that doesn’t already work).

That sort of thing.

The next Attack Wing post will probably be Breen and S’ona but it may be a while as Shadows over Innistrad is about to finish spoilers so it’ll be time for some deck brewing and cube upgrades.

Star Trek: Attack Wing – Homebrew (The Dominion War – Part 4)

The various sub factions of the dominion don’t have many relevant canon ship classes (that I can remember there were 3 for Cardassian, 3 for Jem’Hadar and 1 for Breen) all of which appear in Attack Wing already. There are however plenty of beta canon ships you can draw from.

The Cardassian Hutet class was introduced in the old “Dominion Wars” PC game as the largest Cardassian ship class. I’ve made it here as a hulking great dreadnought which takes a few turns to warm up to it’s best offensive output.

Given there’s only one Keldon I’ve done another one. This one is designed to fly in the centre of a group of Galor classes.

Theres plenty of Galors but I made a new one anyway.

Enabran Tain is an extra admiral for the Dominion (I’m sure he’ll turn up in some wizkids release) and the Obsidian Order talent gives you some flexible options for either deployment or defence.


Star Trek: Attack Wing – Homebrew (The Dominion War – Part 3)

Today we get onto the Klingons and Romulans. But first a last few Federation items I forgot to put up before.

The USS Odyssey is pretty much a Federation version of the assimilation target prime Enterprise-D card. Between this and captain Keogh the idea is you effectively minimise your shields and dump the power into weapons instead (much as in the Odyssey’s unfortunate battle with the Jem’Hadar).

As a last Federation addon I’ve done another Galaxy class, this time the oft-in-background USS Venture from DS9. This is the first of a trio of “Alternate Starter Box” ships intended to work as a single fleet. The Venture provides action economy to the fleet.

The Klingon Empire

The Klingons in Attack Wing (and in fact in the show) lack any real non combat ships. In Attack Wing this goes so far as not even having a scan action. Here we have something to fill that slot in the Fek’hlr class ship from the Armada games.

It gives up its target lock action for the scan action and has a pair of tech slots to carry useful upgrades, possibly including the “Ionic Generators” super weapon.

We have an extra Negh’var class to fill out the ranks. This one is meant to sit in the middle of a fleet carrying a captain like Martok 9 or Gowron, using their actions to buff the fleet and using the ship ability to pound away on a target.

Also, to fill out a long standing gap in the official list of ships here is an extra Vor’cha class. The ability on this one is the Klingon part of the 3 ship set of “alternate starter box” ships. The Vor’cha is the heavy hitter of the 3.

One last bonus item is a refit for the two major bird of prey classes to give them the extra defence dice I wish they had had since the beginning.

REFIT - BoP Thrusters

The Romulan Star Empire

The Romulans are getting their own ship from Armada. This one is a midrange ship (something they’re lacking, at least in the TNG era anyway) which gives up its target lock action for a battlestations action and a suitable support ability.

The romulans “alternate starter box” ship is the Genorex. It’s role in the trio is to buff defence across the fleet.

Also here are some extras. The D’Deridex warbird should never have had 3 attack dice. This refit goes to balance that out a bit. The Tal’shiar operative is just a nice crew upgrade that can sit happily in a romulan or multi faction fleet.

The Raptor class fills out a little of the Romulan fleet but only as a support ship. To give them a smaller ship, I’ve taken Star Trek Online’s cue and used the ENT era warbird design as a modern bird of prey.


Next up: probably some dominion faction stuff.


Star Trek: Attack Wing – Homebrew (The Dominion War – Part 2)

Back again with some more Dominion War (and slightly related) homebrew.

Since I originally made these the Akira class has been released at retail so my USS Thunderchild has now become the USS Akira. This one is still a Torpedo boat and has, as in my original version, a hangar slot (to be explained later). The Akira class is one of my favourite so I was pretty please when wizkids gave it even better stats than my version, so this one has been brought into line with the retail one.

The Steamrunner class never had much more than a background role in the show, but in the game Star Trek: Armada it served as a long range artillery ship, a role which I’ve tried to replicate here.

The weapon can only be fired outside of range 3 and the ships range combat benefits are reversed, the idea being that this ship cruises around the outside of the battle popping off shots from range 3.

The Norway class sadly never appeared after First Contact (in alpha canon at least) due to the loss of the CG model (I don’t think the First Contact classes ever had physical shooting models like many older classes). I’ve given it the role of a screening ship or escort, taking fire for capital ships close by.

A little extra I made at the time was a ship which could conceivably have been fighting in the Dominion War (after some refitting along with the rest of the Miranda class phaser fodder). In Beta canon by this point Bateson was commanding the Sovereign class USS Bozeman-A which I might make at some point along with the USS Sovereign and some Bridge Commander bits.

Next time: some Klingon and Romulan extras.