Star Trek: Attack Wing – Homebrew (Timeless)

(This post is a follow up to my earlier BoardGameGeek post here)

Today’s custom goodness is the Voyager alternate timeline episode “Timeless”.

This one includes another shuttle I made before official shuttle rules, or mirror universe rules. My original Delta Flyer has now been changed to Mirror Universe (as well as getting a generic version) and had its stats changed to match the official one.

The USS Challenger also got changed to mirror universe and has had its stats altered to match the mirror Enterprise-D (and therefore doesn’t have a generic or move card).

The flyer is a simple faction change of the Federation version with a new defensive ability added on.

Captain Chakotay’s original version gave a flat reduction to your attack dice as the penalty for using his evasive action but I changed that to a variable based on the agility of the ship you attack, just to make it a little different (and there’s a kind of fluff logic to it…the slower your target is the easier it is to hit during evasive maneuvers). Harry, as in the show, tries to save another ship by repairing a critical (or preventing it from ever happening). Tessa disrupts enemy ships at close range. The flyer will easily get out of the arc of a large ship like a Galaxy and when they try and get you back in arc they’ll have to plan around a potential aux token.

The Temporal Transceiver (Seven of Nine’s severed head, creatively rewired) is another way to simulate the effects of altering time. In this case it let’s you remove a troublesome critical from one of your own ships or take a second shot at crippling an opponent. Both this and Harry are unlimited range, just for thematic fun reasons.

Enhanced Thrusters is a generic “one per ship” tech upgrade for both Federation and Mirror Shuttles. The original version just gave +1 agility, but I decided to push this one a little too, originally because the new Flyers move dial is slower than the one I made on the first attempt. The end result is a pretty cool fluff card (in my opinion) that lets you trade in enhanced maneuverability to overheat your engines for a burst of speed.

The Challenger is meant to represent a ship with a former engineer captain running at peak efficiency, hence removing extra auxiliary tokens (intention with this version is for it to remove 2 on a qualifying green move, 1 on a white. Would this be considered brokenly good if Wizkids released it…maybe…It would certainly be at least good.

Geordi straight up lets you repair a damage or shield, even if you are on auxiliary power. This works even better in Mirror than it did in Federation as the MU does tend to lean towards slightly less tanky versions of ships, so that’s nice. This one is also pretty pushed in power terms…but I’ve always liked Geordi.