Star Trek: Attack Wing – Homebrew (Discovery Part 3)

So…yeah. It’s been a while since the last post. Three seasons of Star Trek, one global pandemic, a D&D murder mystery, and a series of events I have come to describe as the Saga of the Kidney Stones. The saga has yet to come to an end. Its now been 13 months. While I attempt to keep profanity on this site to far far below my usual casual levels…FUCKING OW.

This kind of fell by the wayside a little because I was busy with other things and then all the…everything…happened. However Lower Decks, plus the upcoming Star Trek Alliance release (which if memory serves was still upcoming when I last posted…really wizkids you make good games, stop killing them with distribution) really brought back my interest in the game. So much so my ebay purchases to pick up stuff I missed back when I was last paying got my card blocked. Seriously bank…you thought erratically spending large sums of money on collectible game pieceswas suspicious…you don’t know me at all.

On the plus side I finally have a big cube coming.

And without further ado where were we…Discovery season 1. Blimey. So I’m shuffling up the order a little bit from what I planned because TIME.

To start, the Discovery’s USS and ISS, and the ISS Shenzhou.


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So, all the normal and mirror Crossfields can take the spore drive for free. It’s kind of the point of them. USS Discovery plays up it’s science ship nature, whereas ISS Discovery and Shenzhou are both combat machines throwing around extra attacks.

Then we get to Admirals. In this post we’ll be looking at Lorca, Georgiou and Cornwell.


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The intention behind Lorca’s card is that you can take him as a captain on Federation OR Mirror ships but you can only take him as an admiral on Mirror ships. He’s also intended to represent the moment Lorca overloads Stamets to take out the sarcophagus (and shift universes).

I am not, however, entirely happy with the wording. The INTENT (and my ruling should you ever want to use the card for real) is that you can use this card to get a second use out of “disable this upgrade/put X time tokens on this upgrade” OR “disable one of your crew upgrades/put X time tokens on one of your crew upgrades” by discarding the crew upgrade in question. It is NOT intended to enable use of a passive ability on a disabled card (such as the TOS USS Enterprise expansion Mr. Spock card).

In the tradition of the mirror universe Empress Philippa works by singling out and brutally destroying enemy ships. Admiral Cornwell is intended more as an action efficiency support role.


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So blast doors could have also been a sacrifice based elite talent but this works quite nicely with one of Geordis rolls under the engineering blast door too. The DOT-7 (I LOVE THE LITTLE FLOATY ROBOT BOYS) provides another repair tool…There will probably be more in the Disco crew section…something has to explain how they survived the battle against control. As for the spore drive…this is the upgrade Lorca’s passive ability is intended to work with (ie you put time tokens on Stamets, then use it again and discard him).

Next time…a metric butt-ton of Disco S1 and S2 captain and crew upgrades. Then Picard and Lower Decks. A random note I’m putting off deciding what to do with S3 future characters. They finally made the Discovery look good…but the stats could never play nice with the rest of the game, and theres not enough detail visible of the other ships. Also I’m saving Pike’s enterprise and associated characters for Strange New Worlds.