Star Trek: Attack Wing – Homebrew (Discovery Part 4)

This is a brief one. Captains and crew of the Discovery.

A few are coming later with the Section 31 scout ship.


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So, captains…Saru is the science ship captain and Burnham is the more flexible captain (I did consider a more sarcastic ability which literally allowed some form of limited cheating but I do actually like Discovery).

Stamet’s specifically makes the Spore Drive more efficient (used with any other crew you don’t get an action the turn you return). Culber is a standard doctor ability…however if you use the Lorca/Stamets/Spore Drive combo Culber gets you a third use of the Spore Drive.

I’ve given Reno an ability representing a kind of “bodge it together” tech improvisation. Owo, Rhys and Nhan have pretty standard “assorted bridge crew” abilities. Tilly’s is intended to be a tad less reliable, representing a kind of “flash of inspiration” support character. All the abilities are useful to some degree, and you’ll know which you get at the start of turn so you can plan accordingly.