Star Trek: Attack Wing – Homebrew (The Dominion War – Part 1)

With the alternate timeline items finished it’s onto updating my other bits.

The bulk of what’s left before I can move onto new stuff is Dominion War era allied ships and characters.

Admiral Ross

The USS Bellerophon OP ship came with cards for Admiral Ross, but I rather prefer my original version (I like to think of the Bellerophon version as the Section 31 operative and this one the battlefield general). The idea was it incentivised you to run a combined Federation/Klingon/Romulan fleet.

The Nebula Class

The nebula class appears to some degree to be a modular ship which could be reconfigured to suit the mission, or at least which had at least 3 variants in service. The Secondary Torpedo Launcher upgrade which was included with the USS Sutherland OP ship sort of reflected this a bit but wasn’t really nebula class specific.

Atop the primary hull was a superstructure which could support a variety of modules, such as the inclusion of a triangular platform, fitted with torpedo launchers, an oval platform, or additional warp nacelles.

These upgrades represent the different pods the class can take.

NOTE: the text had to be truncated to keep these readable hence the incorrect templating…I’d rather they be non unique “max one per ship” upgrades but the text just wouldn’t fit.

Paradise Lost

I cant take credit for this weapon upgrade for the Defiant, the idea came from a poster in the mists of the past on which I decided to make some minor changes to and include in the selection.

WEAPON - Pulse Phaser Cannons

This one is dual faction so it can go on the ISS Defiant. It can also go on the Sabre class, which I figured is comparable in size to the Defiant so could probably be outfitted with cannons. The achilles class is from the Dominion War game and can be seen using pulse cannons in the intro movie here.

The USS Lakota is another ship which has since come out in OP ship form. I considered making this one mirror universe but the Excelsior itself seems a better target for that.

The refit for the Excelsior class is meant to give it the extra punch the Lakota had in “Paradise Lost”. It also applies to the Enterprise-B which I’m including here out of completionism.

I recall Harriman having some involvement with the Romulans during the lost era, so I’ve given him an anti cloaking ability. Demora Sulu is a simple defensive card.

The Frankenstein Fleet

Some of you may have noticed these ships appearing in varying degrees of prominence in DS9 from background stock footage to the battle with the Centaur. While they never show up clearly in the shows (Centaur aside) this page on Ex Astris Scientia gives you a better look at them, and inspired some of the oddities on these ship cards.

These ships all have a -2SP discount to their cost in return for a second negative ability to represent their flawed designs/incompatible hardware etc. They also have no unnamed ship cards (with one exception) due to their unique designs.

The USS Yeager, perhaps the most grievously out of scale of all these kitbashes is pretty sturdy and has a decent set of weapons on it…but due to its incompatible ship components suffers from a lack of manoeuvrability…and the possibility of it simply flying itself apart if you get overexcited with the old move dial (look at all those tempting red moves….you know you want to).

The USS Elkins again possesses the bulk of an Intrepid classes weapons array…but has a number of components designed for far older and frailer ship classes.

Regarding the USS Curry I read a fan theory somewhere that the ships odd design was intended to allow the ship to separate/jettison the secondary hull and continue without it. I’ve given this one a hangar bay slot to imply its making good use of all that extra space (the hangar upgrade slot will be expanded on in future, it’s getting a rework since it’s last appearance).

The USS Aquarius (I don’t think that’s an official name but there’s a rather excellent ship modeller whose model of this class appears on this card and his is named the Aquarius) has a neat manoeuvring bonus from its additional nacelle but can overload its own power systems from the drain of running it.

Last up is the USS Centaur. Ive made an exception here to put in a generic “Centaur Class”. Its seen some beta canon appearances (STO, Legacy etc) and its just a cool little ship so I’ve ruled the USS Centaur a prototype and the only one of these ships deemed successful enough to get some additional units built.

That’s all for tonight. Coming soon: Klingons, Romulans and the First Contact ship classes.