Star Trek: Attack Wing – Homebrew (The Dominion War – Part 2)

Back again with some more Dominion War (and slightly related) homebrew.

Since I originally made these the Akira class has been released at retail so my USS Thunderchild has now become the USS Akira. This one is still a Torpedo boat and has, as in my original version, a hangar slot (to be explained later). The Akira class is one of my favourite so I was pretty please when wizkids gave it even better stats than my version, so this one has been brought into line with the retail one.

The Steamrunner class never had much more than a background role in the show, but in the game Star Trek: Armada it served as a long range artillery ship, a role which I’ve tried to replicate here.

The weapon can only be fired outside of range 3 and the ships range combat benefits are reversed, the idea being that this ship cruises around the outside of the battle popping off shots from range 3.

The Norway class sadly never appeared after First Contact (in alpha canon at least) due to the loss of the CG model (I don’t think the First Contact classes ever had physical shooting models like many older classes). I’ve given it the role of a screening ship or escort, taking fire for capital ships close by.

A little extra I made at the time was a ship which could conceivably have been fighting in the Dominion War (after some refitting along with the rest of the Miranda class phaser fodder). In Beta canon by this point Bateson was commanding the Sovereign class USS Bozeman-A which I might make at some point along with the USS Sovereign and some Bridge Commander bits.

Next time: some Klingon and Romulan extras.