Star Trek: Attack Wing – Homebrew (The Dominion War – Part 4)

The various sub factions of the dominion don’t have many relevant canon ship classes (that I can remember there were 3 for Cardassian, 3 for Jem’Hadar and 1 for Breen) all of which appear in Attack Wing already. There are however plenty of beta canon ships you can draw from.

The Cardassian Hutet class was introduced in the old “Dominion Wars” PC game as the largest Cardassian ship class. I’ve made it here as a hulking great dreadnought which takes a few turns to warm up to it’s best offensive output.

Given there’s only one Keldon I’ve done another one. This one is designed to fly in the centre of a group of Galor classes.

Theres plenty of Galors but I made a new one anyway.

Enabran Tain is an extra admiral for the Dominion (I’m sure he’ll turn up in some wizkids release) and the Obsidian Order talent gives you some flexible options for either deployment or defence.