Star Trek: Attack Wing – Homebrew (The Dominion War – Part 3)

Today we get onto the Klingons and Romulans. But first a last few Federation items I forgot to put up before.

The USS Odyssey is pretty much a Federation version of the assimilation target prime Enterprise-D card. Between this and captain Keogh the idea is you effectively minimise your shields and dump the power into weapons instead (much as in the Odyssey’s unfortunate battle with the Jem’Hadar).

As a last Federation addon I’ve done another Galaxy class, this time the oft-in-background USS Venture from DS9. This is the first of a trio of “Alternate Starter Box” ships intended to work as a single fleet. The Venture provides action economy to the fleet.

The Klingon Empire

The Klingons in Attack Wing (and in fact in the show) lack any real non combat ships. In Attack Wing this goes so far as not even having a scan action. Here we have something to fill that slot in the Fek’hlr class ship from the Armada games.

It gives up its target lock action for the scan action and has a pair of tech slots to carry useful upgrades, possibly including the “Ionic Generators” super weapon.

We have an extra Negh’var class to fill out the ranks. This one is meant to sit in the middle of a fleet carrying a captain like Martok 9 or Gowron, using their actions to buff the fleet and using the ship ability to pound away on a target.

Also, to fill out a long standing gap in the official list of ships here is an extra Vor’cha class. The ability on this one is the Klingon part of the 3 ship set of “alternate starter box” ships. The Vor’cha is the heavy hitter of the 3.

One last bonus item is a refit for the two major bird of prey classes to give them the extra defence dice I wish they had had since the beginning.

REFIT - BoP Thrusters

The Romulan Star Empire

The Romulans are getting their own ship from Armada. This one is a midrange ship (something they’re lacking, at least in the TNG era anyway) which gives up its target lock action for a battlestations action and a suitable support ability.

The romulans “alternate starter box” ship is the Genorex. It’s role in the trio is to buff defence across the fleet.

Also here are some extras. The D’Deridex warbird should never have had 3 attack dice. This refit goes to balance that out a bit. The Tal’shiar operative is just a nice crew upgrade that can sit happily in a romulan or multi faction fleet.

The Raptor class fills out a little of the Romulan fleet but only as a support ship. To give them a smaller ship, I’ve taken Star Trek Online’s cue and used the ENT era warbird design as a modern bird of prey.


Next up: probably some dominion faction stuff.